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The founder & chief sustainer of ORGmuze. 




A busker (street performer) at work in a Boston subway station. A full-time one-man band, he works in various cities. He is a free-lance worker-artist. Thru his cell phone he interacts with certain orgs.. Face to face with his fluid audience, he represents only himself.


Contrast the ship's engineer. 






This is me (Barry) behind the camera  - curious observer, sociologist, photographer.

People-watcher. Scavenger.






Short answer: I have 2 goals

1) to showcase my research on orgs. (traditional pubs.)

2) to explore a nontraditional style of presentation


After many years of writing about organizations, publishing in print journals I am now joining the 21st century and exploring the web as a better (?) medium -- hoping it can improve both content (our understanding of organizations) and how it is published. I do this in the spirit of Imagin-iz-ation (Gareth Morgan). For visuals I use photographs,


Human evolution has produced organizations, which have in turn shaped the evolution of our lives on earth. Like other lasting  innovations these organizations both enhance and threaten the quality of our lives, so we need to understand and manage them a whole lot better. Words can be powerful tools for shaping images and ideas, which shape how we act. Other potent factors include: actions and interactions, routines and relationships, play, pictures, symbols, stories and songs, hopes and habits. 


It's a multi-media challenge. Words, however well-woven, are weak in the face of such a task. Can words with pix do better? I say we should try, see, and try again.


Pix, like words, like poems, can suggest ideas and questions -- indirectly, impliciitly. Swinging back and forth between tacit and explicit, allusions and conclusions, seems better than either one as a way to insight, learning, and knowledge (Nonaka et al.). This "museum" project is my way of experimenting with an alternative to traditional academic and commercial publishing, 


Maybe (I hope) others will be provoked to do

better than this. Maybe they/you already are! 

Who? Where?  Let's connect. 

Let's encourage new styles

of inquiry and reporting 


Best wishes


Barry Sugarman





This is the cruise ship's chief engineer, deep in the bowels of the big ship. He must keep all the ship's equipment running well - for the safety and comfort of 2000 passengers + 2000 crew. 

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