WELCOME to ORGmuze 3.0 

 It has some THOUGHTS and PIX  about ORGanizations, Systems,   Networks and PEOPLE.  

ORGanizations are

POWERFUL and PERVASIVE. Modern civilization (i.e. WE) could not exist without them. 

For example, this cruise ship is a floating ORG and part of a bigger corporate org. The small owner-operated fishing boat is also an ORGanization, less powerful but far more independent. 


The taxi driver & street vendor, like the fishing boat are also one-person micro-orgs, independent hustlers.

They work solo, for themselves but still depend on other ORGs - to sell them supplies & services, to rent them equipment. City Hall provides many services. 

By contrast the ships's engineer (pic above) is employed by the cruise line (with HR benefits), working alongside 2000 other staff on this ship (the modern equivalent of sweatshop workers). 

Welcome to ORGmuze 3.0

This is my effort to present more attractively some important research on organizations. Most has been published before -- but not like this.

Thanks for looking.

    Best wishes - Barry Sugarman 

We still live in a world of ORGs but changed by the WEB and Internet.

Many ways to work independently (like it or not). The Web is great for shopping, self-promotion, trolling, networking, marketing, extremism. Huge power for a few  (e.g. Amazon, Google, FB, ).


Some basics of ORGanizing still apply; some get revised. 



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Barry Sugarman