WELCOME to ORGmuze 3.0 

 It has some THOUGHTS and PIX  about ORGanizations, People,

and Organizing.  

ORGanizations are

POWERFUL and PERVASIVE. Modern civilization (i.e. WE) could not exist without them. 


ORGanizations run our world -- with our help.

HOW does that work? 

How well does it work?

How to do better?


HOW does it work? 

     HOW - HOW - HOW

Let's start to visualize some ORG-anatomy with the help of a familiar example /model -- a cruise ship.

Cruise ship PLUS2 - Version 3.JPG

This cruise ship is a floating ORGanization and also part of a huge corporate ORG.

The small owner-operated fishing boat is also a different kind of ORG - independent, multi-purpose. 

Edited Image 2014-3-30-9:45:30

We see two staff members of the cruise ship (total crew 2000+).

In one pic the ship is sailing;

in one it is in dock.

barry IMG_5953.jpg


In these pages I explore an old story about  "The Individual and the ORG- anization" from two viewpoints: 

   - Big Picture

  - Practical Basics  

            Thanks for looking.


               sociologist & photographer