WELCOME to ORGmuze 3.0 

 It has some THOUGHTS and PIX  about ORGanizations, People,

and Organizing.  

ORGanizations are

POWERFUL and PERVASIVE. Modern civilization (i.e. WE) could not exist without them. 


I start with an image  to represent one common type of modern organization -- a cruise ship. 


ORGanizations run our world -- with our help.

HOW does that work? 

Cruise ship PLUS2 - Version 3.JPG

This cruise ship is a floating ORGanization (2,000 staff and 2,000 passengers. But it's not independent: just part of a huge cruise fleet and a corporate parent company.

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Two viewpoints, one deep inside the ship. Individuals can be crucial;

then again they can seem very insignificant.  Look to the right  > >  >   >

barry IMG_5953.jpg


On these pages I explore some ideas about organizations and how new kinds of ORG have been invented and changed our lives - such as

Learning Organizations, Adhocracies, Team-based Orgs. Living with "Both/And" conflicts, people collaborating and innovating like never before. I'm trying to understand. How about you?


 Thanks for looking.


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