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Nathan Hale School, 

Roxbury, MA 

Grades K-5.

Boston Public Schools


Focus on boys for this page.


Why are students at this school more successful than average Boston public schools?


The "achievement gap" for non-white males gives special concern nationwide, hence the focus here on boys. 


These pix are chosen to supplement "objective" data and to help in understanding the problem.


Images that suggest some elements in the culture of a small, urban elementary school.

Kindergarten student, his younger brother, and their grandmother arriving at start of school-day. She is active volunteer at this  school.

Early book-lovers read together in K1. 

Start of-the-day individual work time sometimes allows a little sharing between neighbors. 

Principal  Sandy Mitchell-Woods

and student.


Formal photo of teaching staff, principal, and city councilor.

First day of school.


School uniform. Required. 1st grade boys line up for photo as reward for compliance.

First grade student takes a turn at reading aloud  from large-format material, using pointer.

3rd grade teacher reinforces an idea she has taught by posing a question for students to discuss in pairs.

Chart in back-ground is one of those used by teachers to assess achieve-ment levels of students on state MCAS tests and to plan help to be provided to each.

4th grade.  Intensive small group work with teacher while rest of class works individually.

2nd grader (now 5th) displays the "robot" he made in class projeect. 


in school. 



Principal addresses parents at K2 end of year celebration.



Parents enjoy informal coffee hour in school library

The computer lab expands possibilities for exploring and learning.


In whatever setting note the peer, interactive dimension of learning.


A "tough" teacher can show plenty of compassion when needed.

One (male)

student's portrait of his 5th grade teacher.

One on One. 

Student & Teacher.



2nd grade student (now 5th) meets with volunteer tutor -


Start of-the-day individual work time in K2

One (male) student's portrait of his 5th grade teacher.

5th grade teacher and three student review their progress on a project.  

5th grade class and teacher on staircase (2011-12).

One (male)

student's portrait of his 5th grade teacher.

Boys' Group.  Students , principal, and outside advisors (back row).

4th grade session for students to read their own poetry. Family members attending.

Teachers meeting with Principal.

A student assists principal and visitor by carrying  box up to third floor.


5th grade boys dressed up for their "moving on" ceremony (c. 2010-11)

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