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A   M U S E U M



A “museum” is a place for “muses”.

A “muse” is something that inspires us to personal expression, to create something special. A muse may be a living person or someone from history or fiction; a muse may even be an object, an heirloom, art work, fossil, flower, etc..


Me, I make photos as one way of observing and appreciating people -- sometimes in the context of an organization, e.g. a school, a ship, a building site. A good photo can be a muse for me, provoking insights, new questions, more efforts, and pleasure.


Thanks to the Web we have many VIRTUAL MUSEUMS, mostly dedicated to a single organization whereas ORGmuze is about the generality. Unlike traditional (walk-in) museums, these websites can easily be changed, even daily. They can be windows into work-in-progress, as well as a show-case for finished (?) products and publications. 




Aiming to throw a bit more light on organizations, how they work, the price we pay, how they might work better, THIS VIRTUAL MUSEUM will present two kinds of material -- all work in progress.


1) CASE STUDIES, analysis, and theory -- such as social scientists and investigative journalists usually produce.


2) UNTRADITIONAL EXPLORATORY approaches, especially my experiments with photography -- not so much conclusions but questions, possibly provocative ones.








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