PHASES & TYPES of ORGanizations

Focusing on capability for innovation

Organizations bring people together to collaborate to achieve results not otherwise possible.  Among new start-up orgs we find simple structure and high levels of entrepreneurial spirit - willingness to try new ideas.

If successful they get much larger, and bureaucratic. 

But bureaucracy restricts innovation.  A core challenge !


Q: How can mature ORGs retain or regain that entrepreneurial spirit while they still need to manage the large scale of their operations?

Maybe thru enhanced Organizational Learning (alias "The Learning Organization"). Some new ORGs start out with a Learning Organization approach. Others turn to this approach later when they are mature and realize that they need to be more innovative.

In the latter (later) cases there are often difficulties from "the organizational immune system" as the bureaucratic culture resists such change.  





case #2


Continues original business focus

E.g. cruise ship & parent company, many firms


case #3


Tries new ventures Organizational Learning

Grapples with Both/And

"Silicon Valley        Model" or



        case #4

Entrepreneurial ORGS at large scale, recent. 

e.g. Google, Tesla, 3M, Apple, FB, W.L.Gore

Early Phase 
Mature  Phase  Orgs.

Now we see that the SHIP can represent only ONE TYPE of ORG - the big Mature Bureaucratic Org.

   But NOT Start-Ups and

     NOT Ambidextrous types.

Some START-UPs become MATURE
with basic BUREAUCRATIC form and
little entrepreneurial spirit (case #2). 

Others become MATURE with some entrepreneurial spirit (case #3).
They are practitioners of ORG. LEARNING. They keep order without full bureaucracy. This requires AMBIDEXTROUS MANAGEMENT. They achieve DYNAMIC CAPABILITY.

The "Silicon Valley Model" (case #4) is based on several recent, highly entrepreneurial firms (e.g. Google) which are serial innovators. They demonstrate DYNAMIC CAPABILITY at the highest level.

* SOURCE: The Silicon Valley Model  by A.Steiber & S.Alange. pub. Springer 2016